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5 Signs that Your Washing Machine Might Need Repairs Soon

The washing machine is one of the most important and time-saving appliances at home. Simply load your clothes into the machine, turn it on, and wait for it to finish removing the dirt and stains from your clothing. However, like pretty much any other electrical appliance, washing machines need maintenance to ensure that they’re in perfect working condition. Here’s a list of things that you’d probably need to call assistance for, prepared by our experts at appliance repair (Brisbane specialists, to be precise).

1. If the machine won’t start at all

If your washing machine won’t turn on, it’s most likely a problem with either the lid switch, the timer, or the electrical connection. Basically, you really wouldn’t want to handle problems related to your machine’s control panel and electrical system by yourself. It’s dangerous and illegal to work with electricity without proper training or technical know-how; always call an expert for problems of this nature.

2. If the washing machine is experiencing serious water-related problems

Leaks are usually easier to deal with – just check the machine’s hoses for damage or lose connections. However, if your machine won’t fill water or drain from the tub, you’ll probably need a trained set of eyes (and a skilled set of hands) to inspect and unclog your pump, test your control panel, or replace your drive belt if necessary.

3. If the washer won’t agitate or spin

A washer that won’t agitate might have a piece of clothing stuck around its agitator. On the other hand, a washer might not spin if it’s overloaded (a bit more on that later). Either way, it’s possible that a defect in the timer, drive belt, lid switch, agitate/spin solenoid, or some other component could be causing the performance hurdle.

4. If it starts breaking down due to constant use

Washing machines are indeed built for regular use, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise if daily use makes your machine more susceptible to damage. Just like other appliances and devices, constant use could take a toll on your washing machine.

5. If it tends to get overloaded a lot

Constant overloading tends to throw the washing machine’s balance completely off. This can cause the internal parts of your washing machine to get knocked out of place or break down. Sadly, this also means that a repair bill might be in your immediate future.

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