5 Simple Kitchen Plumbing Tips From Our Brisbane Plumbers

Our team of Brisbane plumbers share that it’s not terribly difficult to keep your kitchen’s plumbing system in working order. Here are a few handy tips for keeping your drains unclogged, your pipes in good condition, and your mind at peace.

Regularly check your taps for leaks or drips

An estimated 5,500 litres of water per year is wasted in Australia because of tap drips and leaks. Don’t leave your taps running while you’re off doing other chores, and make sure to periodically check for leaks and dripping. If you have a leaky tap, make sure to call a qualified plumber as soon as you can.

Attach an aerator to your kitchen tap

A tap aerator is easy to install. Simply screw it onto the spout of your tap. It’s a simple addition that can provide heaps of benefits – it stops your tap water from splashing, controls the shape of the water coming out of your tap, reduces the noise that your tap makes, and helps to save water and energy. However, make sure to keep your aerator clean, as it is prone to dirt and residue buildup over time. Carefully unscrew the aerator and clean it with a small toothbrush dipped in vinegar to keep your tap running efficiently.

Be mindful of what you throw down the drain

As a general rule, avoid throwing fats, liquid grease, and tissue paper down the drain. Those things will lead to a blocked drain (and cause you bigger problems in the long run). Simply gather your waste products and chuck them in your rubbish bin. In the event that your kitchen drain does get clogged, use a bit of soap and warm water to try to clear it.

Take care of your garbage disposer

While your garbage disposal unit can do a fantastic job at shredding your food waste, fibrous, stringy, or hard-to-grind waste products could definitely cause blockages or even damage to its motor. To help make your garbage disposer run more smoothly, switch your cold water flow on for about 15 seconds before and after running it. To keep your garbage disposer free of awful smells, run some ice cubes or citrus fruit rinds into the unit for about 30 seconds, then add a bit of liquid dish detergent to cleanse it. Afterwards, let cold water flow through it for another half-minute.

Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help

In untrained hands, a simple kitchen drainage problem can swiftly and easily turn into a major disaster. You’re likely to save more money by calling an experienced professional to handle your kitchen plumbing problems for you. Don’t be afraid to call a licensed plumber in Brisbane for plumbing repairs and maintenance.

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