5 important things you need to know about your roof

Every day of the year it’s assumed that the roof will protect you and your family from everything the Queensland climate can throw at it. Strong winds, torrential rain, and day after day of blinding sun (plus the odd hail storm) are all kept at bay by the trusty structure perched on top of your home.

It’s easy to forget about your roof. However, if you want it to keep on providing an essential safeguard for your home it’s crucial that you occasionally give it some thought.

Our roofing team are enthusiastic about ensuring that your roof stays in top condition to shield your home from the elements. Here are some of the things they’d like you to know about your roof.

House with tile roof

Over time things can move

Or break down. Or crack.

Ageing and constant weathering can mean the products used to build your roof can break down, crack, or move. Terracotta, ceramic, or concrete tiles, steel or corrugated iron sheeting are all very sturdy products that can over time become worn down or break. This can lead to water damage or affect the integrity of the rest of the roofing materials.

The good news is that if you keep an eye on things or get routine check-ups every few years these issues can usually be easily repaired.

Please note – we don’t recommend that you get up on your roof to carry out an inspection, this can be very dangerous. Call in a professional roofing contractor to take a look, they can safely review the roof, plus they know what they’re looking for and will probably pick up issues most would easily miss.

Water needs to stay outside

Water coming in – even very small amounts – can affect the structural integrity of the roof and the timber that holds it up.

A tiny crack in a tile or a small area of flashing damage can be enough to allow water in under the roof surface. This area is not designed to get wet so any rain that gets in can cause issues like timber rafter and joist rotting, mould growth, as well as damage to wall or ceiling materials inside your home.

This damp environment can also encourage pests or other nasties such as termites or cockroaches to make a home in your ceiling void or wall cavity.

Aerial Roof Photo

Gutters matter too

Gutters are the workhorse of your home stormwater management system. Every time it rains they are designed to quickly and efficiently move the water from the roof area to stormwater drains around your property. This process is essential, if the water hangs around or pools on the roof water damage (listed above) can quickly lead to roofing problems.

As gutters don’t just catch the rainwater, they collect leaves, twigs, and garden debris from surrounding foliage. Gutters are held in place via brackets that can break away and they often bear the brunt of falling branches. Just a small movement in the gutter causing a change to the flow of water or a gap between the gutter and the roof can result in problems.

We’ve got more positive news here as well, gutter repairs are usually quite straightforward. In most cases your local roof repair company will be able to assess any damage and fix the issue quickly, preventing further damage.

Look for a local roofing specialist

You wouldn’t trust your home electrical systems to a Mr Fix-it, so why would you let anyone other than an experienced, licenced roofing contractor work on the most important structural protection your home has.

Even though roof repairs can seem like a general handyman job they are best left to the professionals to ensure the work is carried out safely, using quality products, and to all the relevant building standards.

Home renovation

Don’t leave the roof out of your reno

If you’re remodelling and updating your home inside or outside, don’t forget to include the roof. It stands to reason that if the inside of your home is looking tired and worn your roof could also do with some TLC.

Maybe your roof is still in great condition structurally but visually it is looking old and dull. Repainting your roof is a great way to give it a refresh without needing to carry out major repairs. Plus a freshly painted roof can provide the crowning glory of your home reno project.