CCTV home security

5 tips to boost your home security and prevent break-ins

Whether a result of hardships caused by the pandemic, rapidly rising living costs, or a combustible mix of the two, overall crime offences in Queensland have increased across the board. More alarmingly still, they’re the highest they’ve been since 2001 (QPS 2024).

Fortunately, there are several excellent security measures you can take to better secure your home and significantly reduce the risk of your home being invaded.

Reinforce all entry points

The first and most crucial step in securing your home is to reinforce all entry points, including doors, windows, and garage access. Upgrading to reinforced security hinges, deadbolts, and installing security screens can add an extra layer of protection. Door and window alarms, along with doorstop alarms, further deter potential invaders and provide early warning.

Install a reliable home security system

Investing in a high-quality home security system is paramount. Security cameras (CCTV) act as both a deterrent and evidence collection tool. Opt for active deterrent cameras that combine cameras with alarms, providing real-time awareness and deterring intruders. Additionally, a comprehensive alarm system with motion-activated sensors and back-to-base monitoring ensures immediate response in case of a security breach.

Eliminate all blind spots

Reduce the risk of home invasion by eliminating potential hiding spots around your property. Trim hedges, trees, and shrubs, and install motion-activated floodlights to increase visibility. A well-lit exterior not only discourages criminals but also alerts you and your neighbours to any suspicious activity.

Make it look like there is always someone at home

Creating the illusion of an occupied home is an effective deterrent. Keep your yard tidy, use timers for lights, leave boots at the front door and clear mail and newspapers promptly. These simple steps can give the impression that someone is always present, discouraging potential intruders.

Store vehicles and don’t showcase your valuables

Protect your vehicles by keeping them locked in the garage and installing an active deterrent camera above them. Avoid showcasing valuables by using curtains or blinds on windows and keeping your lawn free of items that might attract attention.

By implementing the five essential steps outlined – reinforcing entry points, installing a reliable home security system, eliminating blind spots, creating the illusion of occupancy, and safeguarding valuables – homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins. These measures not only enhance security but also contribute to peace of mind, ensuring that our homes remain safe havens in an increasingly uncertain world.

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