5 Ways to Determine if Door Repairs Are Necessary

It’s very easy to take doors for granted – ironic, considering that they’re literally the first things we interact with inside the house. Doors tend to see the most action out of all the parts of your house, which is why they’re typically built to withstand daily punishment.

However, doors are still prone to wear and tear over time, and may sometimes need to be restored, repaired, or even replaced. Here’s what our carpenters in Brisbane say you should be looking out for – some telltale signs that door repairs might be in order.

1. Check if your doors still open and close the way they’re supposed to. Do they still fit well in the frame, or is there a noticeable gap between the frame and the door’s edges? Does the door still fit, or has it become too warped to close properly? (Check for irritating and squeaky noises while you open and close the doors, too.)

2. Another sign would be if you feel a draft coming from either the sides or the bottom of the door – that means there might be considerable space between the door and its frame. That would probably be a good indicator that it’s time for a replacement door or the door needs maintenance.

3. Take a good look at the door itself. Is it cracked? Are there scratches on its surface? Are the corners chipped, or is the paint flaking off? Remember that doors are always exposed to conditions in the environment, such as the temperature or the weather. These factors affect a door’s “lifespan,” so to speak.

4. Can you still hear noise coming from the other side of the door when it’s closed? If it’s not doing much in the way of sound reduction, there’s a good chance that your door might need to be replaced with a solid core door to reduce transferred noise.

5. Examine the handles and hinges, and see if they’re still attached to the door and, more importantly, still in working order. There’s no point in keeping a door that won’t fulfil its key (pun not intended) functions well. Check if the hinges are already rusty, or if they’re missing a screw or two.

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