6 simple home improvement projects for the weekends

1. Paint a Feature Wall

A simple but elegant way to update your living space. Feature walls don’t require much time or effort and are a great alternative, or subtle start, to a complete makeover.

Tool box with tools and paint brushes

A feature wall can accentuate the room’s décor and create a whole new look and feel. Depending on the colour you choose, you can make a room feel brighter and more open, or choose darker tones to make the room feel more relaxed and elegant.

Painted feature wall in lounge room

2. Update Kitchen Fixtures

Small details can have a big effect on a kitchen. It’s surprisingly easy to update a kitchen with just a lick of paint and some cost-effective fixture changes.

By painting your cabinets and changing the handles, you can completely transform a tired kitchen. Making the space cleaner and fresher.


3. Revamp your bathroom

Giving your bathroom a thorough clean can make such a huge difference. Get rid of that stubborn soap scum and mould with some home remedies such as a vinegar solution. You could also re-do some of the wet sealing and keep your bathroom looking fresh.

Replacing the taps and shower head is a fairly inexpensive way to quickly update your bathroom.

4. Get creative with storage

Sleek storage solutions can turn clutter into a design feature. Get creative with some storage shelves, boxes or cabinets.

Putting up a simple, decorative shelf can add a place for storage of books or trinkets and can transform clutter into décor.

5. Landscaping

Clean up the garden and plant some seasonal flowers or foliage. If you don’t have a large enough garden, indoor plants or courtyard pottery can add some colour and nature to your home and outdoor area.

6. Update Fences

Under the harsh Australian sun, your wooden fence paint may become brittle and the colour could start to fade. Give your fences a clean and then add a fresh coat of paint to completely transform your home’s exterior.

Painting a fence

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