6 Sure Fire Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

These days, the weather in Australia tends to be so bloody hot that some people resort to imagining themselves being stuck inside an icy pole just to keep themselves cool. That’s no porky: Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth (our average annual rainfall is less than 600 millimetres), and during summer, the climate can reach up to 35°C in certain areas.

Don’t fret, though – there are a number of ways to escape the hot temperature without having to sit on an ice full esky.

Visit a shopping centre

The scorching heat is the perfect excuse to go to your local shopping centre to window-shop, grab a bite, see a movie, or just relax. Not only would it be a pretty spiffy opportunity for you to cool down, staying in the cool air-conditioned area of the centre is absolutely free.

Go for a swim

Summer is also the right time to grab your togs and run off to a beach or swimming pool. Get soaked and let the cool water take some of the heat off you, literally. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

Eat spicy food, drink cold beverages, and keep yourself hydrated

It may seem like an odd suggestion, but eating spicy food could actually help you cool down, simply because it makes you sweat and gives a nice cooling effect. If that sort of thing isn’t your bowl of rice, you could stick to grabbing yourself iced coffee, lemon squash, or a coldie (or maybe just a lot of water).

Pay a visit to the local library or art gallery

Broaden your horizons and enrich your appreciation for art, literature, and knowledge at any nearby gallery or library. You’ll definitely have a grand time, not just because of the cool visuals, facts, and stories, but also because of the cool temperature.

Carry a spray bottle around with you

Grab a spray bottle, fill it with water, and bring it around with you. Any time you feel like the weather’s too hot to bear, give yourself a light shower, targeting either your pulse points (the neck, ankles, and wrists) or your temples.

Stay inside the house

Of course, you can always choose to stay inside the house to save your energy, especially if you have a Daikin air conditioning unit (or even just an electric fan) inside your house. In case you don’t, you could always use frozen gel packs or wrapped ice cubes to cool your mattress before you lie down. Don’t forget that the best part of the house to stay in during hot weather is downstairs, as hot air goes up and sets the temperature of the rooms on higher floors.

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