8 New Year’s Home Resolutions you want to keep in 2020

Heading into a new year provides the opportunity to start fresh and to get your home organised for the upcoming months, so it’s the perfect time to tackle a few jobs around the house.

We all know that sticking to New Year’s resolutions isn’t always easy, but with a clear and achievable goal in mind, you’ll get there before you know it! Here are our top 8 New Year’s ‘home’ resolutions for 2020:

1. Declutter your home

Dedicate a weekend to give some attention to areas in your home that might have been neglected in the past: Declutter your nightstands and kitchen counters. Give your front entryways a little makeover and a sweep and check your closet for things you no longer need.

2. Reduce your energy consumption

No matter if it’s the coffee machine, dishwasher or TV, in this day and age most of our appliances are electric and we use them every single day which can result in high energy bills. To find out how energy efficient your appliances are, simply check their energy rating sticker; the more stars they have, the more energy-efficient they are. Consider replacing old appliances that aren’t working as well as they used to and remember to turn all electric appliances and lights off when they’re not in use. Discover more simple ways you can save energy around your home in our video!

3. Check expiry dates

Set aside an afternoon to check the expiry dates of all items that are stored in your fridge and pantry. That way you can get rid of expired food, reorganise the space and make room for other things: Don’t forget about toiletries and makeup which also expire.

4. Improve your indoor air quality

Poor air quality doesn’t only affect those who suffer from allergies. The dust particles, mould spores and pollen that are in the air can have a significant impact on the health of everyone in the house. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the indoor air is as pure as it can be. Have your air conditioning filters cleaned regularly and consider purchasing an air purifier for extra purification.

5. Work out a weekly system to keep your home clean

Keeping the home clean – especially with kids – can be a struggle, so putting a plan in place can work wonders! Start creating a roster with household chores and plan who is in charge of what to keep your home clean and welcoming.

6. Donate what you can

If you stumble across any books or clothes that you don’t want to keep, don’t throw them out straight away. If they’re still in good condition, it’s always a great idea to donate them to an organisation that supports people that are less fortunate.

7. File your mail

Grab a folder and create different sections (for car insurance, home expenses, bank statements and more), so you can start filing your mail. That way when you’re looking for something, you know exactly where to find it. Build the habit of dealing with your paperwork as soon as it arrives in your letterbox, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

8. Make the most of this summer by working on a garden project

As we enjoy some lighter evenings in the summer months it’s a great time to tackle the outdoor project you’ve been thinking about for so long. How about a new BBQ area, a new deck or patio or a cubby house for the kids?

If you’re planning a big home improvement project, have a look at our tips before getting started.

The thing that often gets in the way of organisation is…
Yes, you guessed it! Procrastination.

Kick-off the year by working through the tasks on this list to start 2020 feeling productive and organised!