8 signs it might be time for an electrical inspection

We all know how busy life can get, so it can often be difficult to find time for another appointment in our tight schedule. But when it comes to home safety inspections it’s important that we make time, because putting it off until the moment something goes wrong would be a fatal mistake.

Don’t wait too long to reduce the chances of disasters occurring by having your home electrical system checked, so it doesn’t pose a hazard to yourself and your family.

It might be time to schedule an electrical inspection if

1. You tested your safety switch and it failed

If you pressed the test button of your safety switch but it didn’t trip and cut any power, then you know something is wrong with it and you can no longer be sure it will protect you in the case of an electrical fault. Therefore, it’s essential to call a licensed electrician to get this issue fixed straight away.

2. You’re experiencing electrical issues

If you’re experiencing any electrical issues such as regular power outages, your safety switch keeps tripping or your power point doesn’t work, you should consider scheduling an electrical inspection for your home.

A licensed electrician can find out if circuits are overloaded or if any defective work was carried out and identify the cause of the problem.

3. You live in an older home

When our electricians inspect switchboards of older homes, they often come across old ceramic fuses which are major safety hazards, as they don’t provide any protection from electric shocks. Get a sparky to check if your switchboard and wiring is safe, so you and your loved ones aren’t in danger.

4. You’re planning to renovate

If you’re planning to upgrade your home with more power points and electrical appliances, it will most likely affect some electric circuits in your house. Make sure to have a licensed electrician do all the electrical work and get an intensive inspection done while the tradesperson is on site.

5. DIY work has been carried out

If you purchased a home and come across any electrical Do-It-Yourself work, we recommend getting a professional to look at it, as electrical work that hasn’t been carried out by a qualified electrician can result in serious electrical incidents.

6. You’ve never had an electrical inspection before or the last one you had was a long time ago

Sometimes only minor electrical issues might occur, but other times homeowners experience a major electrical fault that might not only cause damage to the house and appliances, but it might also lead to electrical accidents or the risk of a fire which puts their lives in danger. That’s why it’s important to get electrical inspections done regularly.

Warning signs to look for: Wires hanging down, buzzing, flickering, dimming, frayed wires, chewed wiring, discolouration, scorch marks or blackening around switches, burning smells and cracked and split power points and switches.

7. You’ve been hit by a major storm

If your home’s electricity was affected by storm damage, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Any electrical faults caused by a storm or flooding need to be taken seriously, as they can pose a huge risk to your family’s safety.

8. You’re buying a house

Purchasing a home is a big milestone and a great investment, so you want to be 100% sure that there are no nasty surprises. That’s why it’s helpful to get a pre-purchase electrical inspection of the place that might reveal any significant electrical issues.

What’s involved in an electrical inspection?

During the comprehensive inspection of your home, our qualified electricians will check your home for any electrical hazards, explain electrical issues and recommend future requirements. The technician will test your safety switches, check your home for any exposed wires, inspect appliances and power points. The inspection also includes a full examination of your switchboard and smoke alarm testing.

During testing, we often find:

  • Wrong size cables used that can cause overloading
  • Undersize mains cables that can cause overloading
  • Unearthed light fittings that can be dangerous
  • A lack of safety switches
  • Safety switch not working
  • Dangerous and perished wiring
  • Pools, spas and fridges with no safety switch

If you would like to schedule an electrical inspection with one of our fully trained and licensed electricians, simply give us a call on 1300 712 028.