8 Things Intruders Look For When Breaking In To Your Home

We all take whatever precautions we can to protect our home and its contents whenever we leave the house; double-checking we’ve locked the door and closed the garage, put that expensive piece of jewellery somewhere safe and left some lights on if we’re going to be out late. But these are just the basics when it comes to security and there are other things intruders look for when canvassing your home.

1. An Empty House

This is the obvious one, but signs of an empty house are quick cues that help burglars make their decision to break in. You might think leaving lights on is enough, but most burglars know this is an old trick and try to detect other movements within the home. If you are going away for a longer period of time, having timers set up for lights and/or a TV can deter burglars. If they don’t know for certain whether or not you are home, they may not take the risk.

2. Single Lock

Burglars want to get in as quickly as possible to decrease their chances of being caught. The longer they think it may take to enter your home, the less likely they are to bother. If you have a double lock system it is harder and more time-consuming to pick. One simple handle lock is child’s play for most burglars and won’t be enough of a deterrent.

3. Keys

It happens, sometimes we’re in such a rush in the mornings we forget our keys, only to find ourselves locked out when we get home! That’s why most of us have the fallback of a hidden spare key, but burglars know this too. Avoid putting your spare key under your doormat, or in a nearby plant pot as these have become all too familiar hiding spots. Try and find somewhere a little less obvious to hide a spare key, or have multiple pot plants to deter burglars from rummaging.

4. What’s Inside

Burglars will want to know whether your house is worth breaking into. If they can see into your home, they can see what potential it has and what valuables to steal. Shut curtains and blinds and put large house plants in front of street-facing windows.

5. Home Security

Visible security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarms or security screens are a big deterrent for burglars. It’s worth investing in a system that offers layers of protection. CCTV is a great option as it first acts as a deterrent and most systems are now compatible with smart phone’s, meaning you can monitor your home from anywhere at any time. Find out more about how we can tailor a security system to your needs.

6. Mail

Having an overflowing mailbox signifies that you are away. If you are going on holiday, consider asking your neighbour to get your mail for you, or request hold mail at your local post office.

7. Packaging/Recycling

This is like advertising that you’ve just bought a new flat-screen TV or other expensive appliance. Keep boxes of high ticket items hidden from your recycling bin until the day of collection.

8. Landscaping

If you have garden beds under windows this can deter burglars as it makes things messy and noisy. You also need to be aware of any shrubbery or trees that could act as a hiding spot for a burglar. Make sure that there is a clear line of sight from the street.