A Brief History Of Air Conditioning

In most cities across the world, the air conditioner can be seen jutting from every building and set in many windows, especially in the more temperate areas. They have enabled large numbers of people to live and work in areas that would otherwise be overwhelming.

The first modern air conditioning units were invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier (pictured left). Carrier’s invention was given a patent in 1906, though he called his invention an ‘apparatus for treating air’. His unit, which modified both the humidity and temperature of the space, was designed for a Brooklyn printing plant to prevent any warping of the paper.

Carrier was not the first person to think of cooling air within a building though. This idea can be traced all the way back to the Romans. Wealthy Romans used to have moving water running through their homes to cool the air.

Interestingly, the air conditioning units found in homes and businesses today are not that much different from Carrier’s 1902 unit. As a matter of fact, air conditioners are still designed and built using Carrier’s original Rational Psychometric Formulae. All that has changed in the past century is that the air conditioner has become faster, more powerful and greatly more efficient.

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