Adhere to correct PV system shut down to avoid potential shock

Authorities have warned of the risk of electric shock, and potential fall, from contact with rooftop solar PV systems.

Reports of incidents of electric shock through contact with panels, mounting frames, and metallic roofing have prompted warnings about leakage from solar PV systems. The capacitance between solar panels and the dirt and water which can build up on them is the cause of these leakages.

The voltage is usually not fatal in itself, however, the shock can increase the risk of a fall.

Reduce the risk of electrical injury from faulty solar systems

Reduce the risk of electrical leakage by:

  • ensuring your PV system is fitted with a galvanic isolated PCU (inverter),
  • effectively bond to earth your panels and mounting frames,
  • correctly shut down the PV system before going on the roof.

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