Air conditioning issues??…hurry, it’s nearly summer!

Not used your air conditioner for a few months? If so, it is likely to have trapped contaminants such as mould, skin fragments, hair and dust. Which will get blown into your home when it is turned back on for Summer in a few weeks.

We recommend booking an air conditioner maintenance service before you use it. A service will make sure that the air conditioner is clean and ready to use and that any faults are diagnosed.

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7 issues you could be facing with your aircon system

#1 Air conditioning isn’t working at all

This is a very common issue and it is usually not the unit. The air conditioner not working can be because the circuit breaker has tripped. This can be attributed to poor installation or wiring, so ensure you get a HVAC certified technician to check your system as this can be very frustrating!

#2 Turns on and off repeatedly

This is also called short cycling and is when the air conditioning system doesn’t complete a full cooling cycle, but just keeps starting up over and over. This can be caused by blocked air filters but it can be a serious problem as short cycling damages the compressor.

#3 Air conditioner system is not blowing cold air


  • Dirty filters – recommended that you have aircon units deep cleaned annually
  • Thermostat compressor issue – needs to be serviced by a technician
  • Low refrigerant levels – call qualified HVAC technician

#4 Aircon unit is making a noise

You shouldn’t be hearing noises from your unit so anything out of the ordinary such as squealing, grinding or vibrations, could be an urgent problem. Noise is generally caused by faulty fan bearings, an unbalanced fan blade or an iced-up indoor coil which the fan blade is hitting. Contact your air conditioner specialist to investigate any strange noises or schedule routine maintenance service.

#5 Your air conditioning unit is leaking

Yes, there can be small amounts of water dripping from the unit. However, excessive moisture can be indicative of a leak or blockage and should be inspected.<

#6 Increase in allergies

If your system is not regularly cleaned and serviced, a build-up of mould, dust, pollen and animal hair can occur and will then be in the circulating air. As the air is passing through your aircon system about 5 times per day, you will be breathing them in more frequently and aggravating allergies.

#7 Spike in the power bill

This is most commonly caused by a fault in the system. Defected motors, capacitors and compressors will lead to your power bill skyrocketing. Ask a technician to look at the system urgently as this will lead to motor failure and breakdown.

air conditioner blowing cold air

Can I have a go at DIY troubleshooting my air conditioning system?

NO! Air conditioner systems are particularly complex to service so it is ILLEGAL to perform work on them without a licence.

Get your air conditioner repaired, serviced or cleaned early to avoid the crazy school holiday rush. I am sure you don’t want to be cooking up a chaotic Christmas feast without the peace of cool air.

The masses will be getting theirs arranged when the school holidays hit so now is the perfect time to get ahead of the crowds!