Bring your Timber Deck Back to Life

The weather is getting warmer here in Queensland, which means we’re all starting to enjoy more time in our outdoor areas. Your deck may need some TLC after being neglected over winter. Here are some tips to have your deck ready for the next few months of BBQs!

Any deck can be given new life but it’s important that structural needs are attended to first. Look for loose nails, screws or boards, rotting or damaged timber and treat any mould. If you aren’t sure whether it’s safe, consult a professional carpenter.

If your deck has been neglected for quite some time, or you discover it is in poorer condition than anticipated, you may need to sand down the surface before going in with paint or polish.

Stains and discolouration can occur after long periods of sun exposure or from mould and mildew. Use a non-chlorine oxygenated bleach or deck sealer to clean and brighten up the wood. Do not use these products on redwood or cedar unless you want to darken them. For greying or stains, use an acid-based product but handle it with care and follow the instructions on the pack. DO NOT mix ammonia detergents with household bleach as the fumes are highly toxic.

A deck that is in good condition will just need a spruce up with a wash and re-coating.  Though they may be more expensive, you will need a good quality coating that can compete with our harsh weather conditions and the usual wear and tear.

Oil-based coatings are the most durable and treat the wood better than water-based. However, if you are mindful of the environment, and are opposed to harsh smells, water-based coating carry their benefits too. If you aren’t sure which type of coating was used previously, you’ll need to sand your deck right back to start from scratch. When coating your deck, use a bristle brush as this penetrates the timber better and applies the coating more evenly.

If you have concerns or would like to have your deck restored by a professional, give us a call and we can have one of our carpenters help you!

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