Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips from Brisbane Electricians

Each year in Australia 15 people are killed and more than 300 hospitalised as a result of preventable electrical accidents in the home 1.

The real number, if you factor in the number of shocks from damaged appliances and cables, poorly maintained electrical systems and amateur DIY projects that go unreported, is significantly higher. And they can all be prevented.

A little common sense and these top 10 tips from our licensed electricians will help you keep your home safe:

  1. Don’t ignore the warnings signs – scorch marks around plugs and sockets, sounds of arcing (buzzing or crackling), burning smells, fuses blowing and circuit-breakers tripping are all signs that something is wrong so DON’T ignore them – get them checked by a qualified and licensed Brisbane electrician.
  2. Take care removing plugs from sockets – pulling a plug from a socket by the cable puts a strain on it and could damage the contact between the plug and the socket causing it to overheat, wires to become loose or increasing the risk of an electric shock.
  3. Always Replace Damaged Cables Immediately – exposed wires can kill so don’t wait to replace damaged cables. Wrapping the damaged area with electrical tape is not a substitute! Get a qualified electrician to do the job.
  4. Have Appliances Serviced Regularly – having a licensed Brisbane electrician service your appliances regularly, per manufacturers’ instructions, will extend their life, ensure they are in a safe operating condition and protect your warranty. Here’s a related handy hint: always check your warranty card’s terms and conditions. Having an appliance serviced by an unauthorised person will probably void the warranty.
  5. Don’t Overload Sockets – adaptors plugged into adaptors and extension cords feeding off other extension cords significantly increase the danger of overloading, causing overheating and the potential for fire.
  6. Water & Electricity Don’t Mix – water is a highly effective conductor so use common sense. Don’t use appliances if you have wet hands. If an appliance becomes wet, dry it out thoroughly and have it checked before using it again. Avoid using appliances close to water (like a hairdryer in a bathroom).
  7. Know Your Electrical System – make an effort to understand the core components of your electrical system and where things are: the main switch, fuse box and circuit breakers. Stick the phone number of your licensed electrician on your electrical box. If you don’t know a licensed electrician in Brisbane and need an electrical job completed quickly, phone 3029 6300 and talk to a Fallon Services staff. One other thing: always have a flashlight nearby.
  8. Protect Yourself & Your Home with RCDs – a residual current device (RCD) is a life-saving device designed to protect you from receiving a fatal shock if you touch something live. All new homes are required to have these fitted as standard but many older homes do not. A qualified Brisbane electrician can install these or you can buy portable RCDs from most hardware stores. Check RCDs every 3 months to make sure they are working properly.
  9. Read the Instructions – read the instructions for your appliances so you know how to use them safely and how they should be stored. Not only can it extend their life but it will also help ensure any warranties stay valid.
  10. Be Tidy but Be Safe – no one wants cables trailing across the living room floor but avoid the temptation to hide them under carpets and rugs. Out of sight is out of mind but frayed and worn cables can pose a fire risk. An electrician can extend cable length and clip cables around the walls of a room so they are safe, unobtrusive and accessible.

Electricity is something we all take for granted but, by its nature, it can be dangerous. Staying safe is mostly a matter of common sense but if you have any concerns consult a qualified Brisbane electrician.

Fallon Solutions has been helping to keep Brisbane residents safe for more than 50 years carrying out all manner of electrical works from safety inspections, appliance repairs, rewiring projects, installations and a lot more.

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Source: Master Electricians Australia