Broken pipe under your manicured lawn? You need no dig pipe repairs

Under the lawn, beneath the garden beds or even below a structure such as a shed or retaining wall, if a pipe breaks or leaks in areas like these the repair bill can be significant. Not just the pipe repair cost but also the cost of replacing the area which has to be dug up to carry out the repairs can be a serious strain on your bank account. Thankfully there is another option, no dig pipe repairs.

What are no dig pipe repairs?

No dig pipe repair or trenchless pipe repair is a process of repairing broken, cracked or leaking pipes or drains without having to up dig large areas to remove and replace faulty pipes.

Flooded lawn

In the past, a plumber would have to take an educated guess as to where the leak or break was and dig along the pipe until they found the issue. Sometimes they were bang on, other times a large area of ground would need to be dug up before the break was discovered. Then, once the problem area was pinpointed, a length of pipe on either side of the break was dug up and removed to allow a new piece of pipe to be fitted. The earth was then replaced and the homeowner or business began the process of restoring it back to its original state.

This process could sometimes take many hours or days depending on the infrastructure over the pipe and the extent of the pipe damage.

No-dig technology allows a plumber trained in trenchless pipe repair to carry out repairs from existing access points. A CCTV drain camera is used to assess the issue, providing drain technicians with an accurate picture of the location and extent of the break. Any blockages, debris or intrusions can then be removed with the use of water jetting or a robotic cutter. The drain camera is used again at this stage to review the pipe and ensure all the debris has been cleared.

The pipe repairs can then begin with the technician feeding a pipe patch along the pipe from the access point or drain opening. Careful positioning of the patch precisely over the damage, expanding the lining and curing it to form a strong barrier or pipe wall is then carried out.

The new lining will be as strong and impenetrable as a new length pipe, providing a long term pipe repair solution.

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