Caroma Cleanflush – the new standard in toilet innovation

Just when you thought they had perfected the design of the toilet someone makes it better. From the iconic Australian bathroom brand Caroma comes the Cleanflush a design innovation that takes a whole new approach to the toilet flush.

The design team at Caroma have been working tirelessly on a toilet that provides a superior flush making cleaning even easier than ever.

The new Cleanflush toilet design has removed the rim of the bowl gently directing the flow of flush with a skillfully sculpted bowl. No more germs hiding under hard to clean rim of the toilet. By changing the flush and flow the team at Caroma have created a superior water flow that hygienically flushes the toilet clean.

Caroma Cleanflush technology

  1. Innovative flow splitter for optimum wash coverage
  2. Sculpted flow contours for superior washdown
  3. Flow balancer that controls and directs the flush
  4. Flush flow matched in performance to the optimum sump design.

Take a look at the Caroma Cleanflush in action

Available in both residential and commercial ranges the Cleanflush aims to transform cleaning the bathroom into a quick and easy exercise, whether it’s in a small apartment or large school. The Cleanflush range includes two style selections, ‘Urbane’ for residential applications and ‘Care 800’ for commercial bathrooms.

Contact Fallon Solutions Brisbane and Gold Coast plumbing team for the installation of a Cleanflush toilet in your home or business.

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