Carrier Air Conditioner Recall

Product Safety Australia (PSA) has issued a recall coving eleven models of Carrier Ductless Hi-Wall and Cassette split system reverse cycle air conditioners. The recall, which was released on 9 October 2019, was prompted by a defect in the outdoor condensing unit. These air conditioning units were sold in Australia from 1 November 2013 to 30 June 2019 through authorised Carrier dealers.

The PSA recall states:

“If the fan motor in the outdoor condensing unit fails, a fire could result, which could cause property damage and/or personal injury.”

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Recalled Carrier models

The fan motor in the outdoor unit of the following models may fail.

Recalled Carrier air conditioner model numbers:

  • 38SHV052P1 – 5.0kW cool / 5.7kW heat
  • 38TSV067P1 – 6.7kW cool / 8.0kW heat
  • 38QHF080 – 8.0kW cool / 9.0kW heat
  • 38SHV071P1 – 7.1kW cool / 8.4kW heat
  • 38SHV087P1 – 8.7kW cool / 8.9kW heat
  • 38SHV105P1 – 10.5kW cool / 11.2kW heat
  • 38TSV080P1 – 7.6kW cool / 9.2kW heat
  • 38TSV110P1 – 10.5kW cool / 12.3kW heat
  • 38TSV130P1 – 12.5kW cool / 13.0kW heat
  • 38SHV135P1 – 13.5kW cool / 16.0kW heat
  • 38SHV165P1 – 16.5kW cool / 17.0kW heat

Not sure if your model is affected by the recall? The model number can be found on the sticker located on the outdoor unit.

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What to do if you have one of these recalled Carrier aircon units?

The PSA recommends that you stop using the air conditioner until repairs have been done. Carrier and its local agents will be contacting those who have purchased the recalled units to arrange repairs.

Alternatively, consumers can contact Carrier at 1800 959 554.

More information on the Carrier recall can be found:

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