Caution when buying Electrical Goods online

Many of these products appear “to be the real deal”, however are often manufactured with cheap materials and no regard to our strong Australian safety requirements or star ratings. There is an increasing concern regarding the number of electrical products that are sold, that do not comply with Australian Standards.

Why is this a problem?

The major problem with this is that they are potentially electrically unsafe and display a high level of safety problems that can cause injury and damage to people or property. Many of these cheaper produced products also cause problems for wholesalers, electrical contractors and the electrical industry as a whole.

What are the risks when you buy products not approved by Australian Standard?

  • Risk to personal safety and health
  • Risk caused to property including property damage
  • Potential to overheat and short circuit
  • Risk of fires, shocks or explosions.

What does it mean to wholesalers or suppliers?

Electrical contractors or wholesalers that buy or install electrical products can receive fines, civil and criminal action and place themselves and others at risk.

Does Fallon Services Supply Australian Standard Electrical Goods?

YES! Fallon Services only supply and install quality appliances and products that meet or exceed Australian Standards. If you are concerned about the cost of your new equipment, Fallon Services stocks a range of products across different price brackets to ensure that you’re new project meets your budget expectations, whilst still using quality materials built to Australian Standards.

Use these tips for buying online:

  • Look for warranty cards, branded packaging, instructions, Australian Standards symbol.
  • Use trusted suppliers and online shops
  • Buy online from the same supplier that you buy from in store.
  • If purchasing electrical goods from an overseas supplier or website then ensure that they are recognised as an Australian distributor.