Ceiling Fan Guide: How to find the perfect fit

It’s no secret that you can’t go wrong with a ceiling fan. They are eco-friendly, only cost about three cents per hour to run and will save you money all year round in energy bills.

Ceiling fans are available in different designs to suit your décor and many are reversible, meaning they can circulate the warm air in winter with the flick of a switch.

The location of the ceiling fan

To find the perfect fit for your room, you need to consider where the ceiling fan will be installed. If you’re buying for a kitchen or covered outdoor room, ensure the fan is suitable for damp conditions.

Indoor areas such as the bedroom or the study require a quiet ceiling fan, and in those cases, timber fans are a good option. For the kitchen or living area, a ceiling fan with metal blades might be the best pick. Whilst they can be a little noisier, they move more air due to the shape of the blades.

What’s the room size?

You might need to consider if one fan will be sufficient or if you require multiple fans for a larger area.

Design choices

If your home features modern décor, a contemporary chrome or silver fan might be right for you. If you live in an older Queenslander, you might want to go with a traditional wood look fan, just keep in mind that timber fans don’t push much air.

A white ceiling fan is a good choice if you want it to blend into your white ceiling.

Ceiling fan as a light source

If not placed correctly, fans can obstruct existing lights in rooms and create a strobe lighting effect. It’s always a good idea to use a fan with an integrated light as the room’s main light source.

What about remote control fans?

Many ceiling fans can be installed with a remote receiver which means that there is no need to run an extra wire to control the fan when installing a fan into an existing light point, as the remote does everything for you.

You can take the remote and put it beside your bed, so you can adjust the fan without getting out of bed if you get cold or hot during the night.


The installation of ceiling fans is electrical work and should always be done by a licenced electrician. Our fully trained electricians can help you pick the most suitable ceiling fan for your home, simply give us a call on 1300 712 028