Ceiling Fans – The cost effective cooling alternative

Installing ceiling fans in your home this summer is an energy and environment-friendly choice. Ceiling fans use much less energy to run than even the most power friendly air conditioner.

Modern ceiling fans run for as little as one to two cents per hour, providing potential savings of hundreds of dollars a year on your power bill. Not an option to be passed over quickly.

A ceiling fan can reduce the air feel of a room by up to 4 degrees in the summer and help to distribute the warm air in a room during the winter. A great option for your home during the night as the fan provides a gentle breeze as your body naturally cools while you sleep.

Ceiling fans have been around for over 100 years, originally invented in 1886. The design and functionality has come a long way since then with modern ceiling fans being produced with lightweight blade materials, economical motors and a vast array of designs to suit any décor.

Ceiling fans can also incorporate a light fitting in various designs from basic oyster design to more elaborate downlights. Some fans have a remote control option that can turn the fan on and off, adjust the speed and control the light all in one, great for the bedroom.

Ceiling fans are so cost effective installing and running one in every room of the house is still cheaper than air conditioning only a few rooms.

As outdoor entertaining gains popularity with the Australian summer heating up, installing a fan on your porch, patio or verandah means comfortable alfresco dining is the flick of a switch away. New fans specifically designed for the harsh outdoor conditions can create the airflow that nature occasionally neglects to provide.

For tips on how to choose the correct ceiling fan for your room see How to Choose a Fan.

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