Changes to Pool Tariff 33

Energex estimates (depending on the pump size and filtration settings) that a pool filtration system connected to a continuous supply electricity tariff such as Tariff 11 can cost a household approximately $550 per annum to run.

From 1 July 2011, pool filtration and associated sanitation systems in domestic installations are able to be connected to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet.

What savings can I expect?

When you are connected to Tariff 33 it will reduce your energy costs and provide you will a saving of approximately $235.00 per year, depending on the size of the pool system and cycle.

So what does this mean to me as a pool owner?

An electrician can now install a power point connected to Tariff 33 specifically for pool filtration and sanitation systems.

What do I need to do as an existing pool owner?

You will need to obtain a quote from Fallon Services licensed contractors to make the switch over. This cost will vary depending on how your pool circuit is currently wired.

Fallon Services licensed electricians will ensure that the socket outlet is installed in accordance with AS3000 (e.g., type, position, protection, suitable marking/identification).

Why make the changes to Tariff 33?

When you are connected to Tariff 33 you will no longer require an electrician if your pool system needs repairs for connection and disconnections. This will also help you address the peak demand electricity use so that you regulate your pool-related energy consumption and save you money.

This is part of the Government initiatives to move electricity away from peak demand times in residential areas from 4 pm to 8 pm each day. Peak demand electricity is associated with increases in electricity prices.

What pool equipment does the change apply to?

The changes for new connections for Tariff 33 refer to pool filtration and associated sanitation systems, which include pool pumps, pool filters, chlorinators and chlorine dispensing units.

It does not apply to features such as lights, fountains, etc.

For more information about the Tariff 33 for pool changeover give our electrical department a call.