Choosing the right taps for your home

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, a simple yet effective transformation is new tapware. They add style and instantly refresh a tired kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen mixer tap

Choosing a tap isn’t as simple as it once was with so many new designs to choose from. The tricky part is finding something that suits both the style you want to achieve and the functionality you need in everyday life.

You’ll also need to keep in mind whether the tap you want goes with your sink. Taps and sinks are often sold separately, and the less generic ones aren’t always compatible with each other.

Dual Taps:

Most older homes have dual taps in their sinks and baths. These have two separate handles linked to one spout. One handle is for hot water and the other for cold. In some cases, they have one spout for hot and one for cold also. These can be a design feature if you are wanting to achieve a certain style.

Mixer Taps:

In most modern or updated homes, mixer taps are the preference. These have one handle per tap where both hot and cold water emerges simultaneously, allowing you to choose the desired temperature. These taps usually have a lift or pull function rather than twisting.

Bathroom tap

There are many benefits to mixer taps as they offer style as well as practicality. They are also more economical in most cases as they are fitted with a flow limiter which helps conserve hot and cold water.

Spring Pull Out taps:

Another modern and practical tap design for the kitchen is the pullout tap. These have an extendable and retractable spout, like a hose. This makes cleaning dishes easier and most of these taps come in stylish, modern designs that can be a feature of a kitchen.

When choosing taps for your home speak to your plumber for expert advice and think about how you use them every day and what is going to be most practical, cost-effective and water-efficient for your family.