Christmas Lights Safety Checklist

With Christmas just around the corner, we are all starting to put up our Christmas Lights. Below are some key points to consider when putting up your lights so you don’t become another statistic from either electrocution or fire.

Christmas Lights Checklist – for a safe Christmas!

1. Check that your Christmas Lights comply with Australian Safety Standards.
These will either have an approval number (eg. Q12345; V12345; N12345; NSW12345) or the regulatory compliance mark logo below. Beware of buying lights online from overseas that don’t meet our safety standards.

Electrical Safety Compliance Mark
Regulatory Compliance Mark

2. Check your Christmas Lights haven’t been recalled.
From time to time, certain brands of Christmas Lights can be recalled due to defects etc. Make sure your lights isn’t one of them at

3. Only use Outdoor Christmas Lights outdoors.
Indoor Christmas Lights don’t have the required waterproofing to go outside and can get water in causing an electrical short. Generally, outdoor lights will have a transformer.

4. Make sure you have a Safety Switch.
A Safety Switch will cut the power if your electrical circuit experiences a leak. This will protect you and your family from potential electrocution from faulty Christmas Lights (not to mention a fire).

5. Don’t overload power points and circuits.
If you are using power boards or double adaptors, don’t piggyback them. Just use one per point.

6. Turn off when not needed.
Make sure you turn off the lights at the power point when you go to bed at night or go out. Don’t leave the lights on unattended.

7. Go Solar.
There is a wide range of Solar Christmas Lights now. These will not only keep your electricity bill down but are also good for the environment.

If you want to be really safe this Christmas, why not have a Fallon Solutions Master Electrician come around and check all your circuits before plugging in your lights. Simply fill in a booking form or call us.