Common Dishwasher Problems

Your dishwasher is one of those appliances that you never realise how much you rely on until it stops working properly or breaks down. Some of the common problems associated with your dishwasher not working properly can be rectified by yourself, other issues are best left to the professionals.

Even though it sounds strange to clean something that cleans every day, giving your dishwasher a good wash will keep it functioning and avoid problems such as:

  • Dishes not drying
  • Water not draining out of the machine
  • Dishes not washing well due to blocked detergent cup

Taking the racks out and cleaning the drain filter is also a good time to check for small items that may have dropped below the rack and could be stopping the spray arm from rotating. Remove any debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the dishwasher. Clean the cutlery basket with hot soapy water and remove any food stuck in the bottom. Lastly, run the dishwasher cleaning product through a short wash.

Some other issues that you may encounter that would need professional attention are:

  • The dishwasher has stopped and there is still water in the bottom
  • Water is not running into the dishwasher
  • Dishes are not washing well due to the water not heating up
  • The dishwasher won’t start
  • Water pools on the floor in front of the dishwasher during a cycle
  • The dishwasher won’t drain
  • Dishes aren’t drying
  • The dishwasher is making a lot of noise

As you can see some of the problems may be rectified with a clean, others will still be present after it is all shining like new. Fallon Services have experienced Master Electricians who will be able to come out and diagnose your issue and fix it promptly.

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