Common washing machine problems – plus trouble shooting guide

Life is slowly returning to normal after the hectic festive season. The tree and decorations have been packed away for another year, you’ve waved your visitors goodbye, it’s time to get started on the new year’s resolutions and recoup. Oh, and tackle the piles and piles of washing. If your home, like many across the country during the Christmas break, was packed to the walls with beds for visiting family and friends your laundry room probably resembles the Bungle Bungles about now.

There’s no way around it, the only option is to throw a load on and repeat until you can see the floor again; give the washing machine a serious workout. It’s at times like these we should stop and appreciate that doing the washing doesn’t involve dragging the load down to the nearest stream to beat it on a rock, or even boil the pot and get busy with the washboard. Thank goodness for the washing machine.

Keeping your washing machine in top working order so it’s reliable when you need it most is easy. By simply giving it a quick clean every now and then, attending to repairs as soon as issues arise you’ll extend the life of your machine and ensure it runs well for years to come. Want to know the best way to clean your machine? Find out here – How to clean your washing machine.

Common washing machine problems

Whether you have a top loader washing machine or a front loading machine they can both experience common issues. (For some reason most people seem to be ardent supporters of one type or the other, never both. With the exception of our washing machine repair technicians, they’re fans of all washing machines big and small: top, front and even the old school twin tub.)

Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide to common washing machine problems:

  • the washing machine is not spinning – check your load is not too small or over-loaded as the balance may be off.
  • the machine fails to drain – check for blocks in the lint filter or drain hose.
  • the washing machine displays a fault – often the fault code is indicated on the display screen if there is one, other machines simply use the led lights to give a general indication of the issue. Some user manuals offer information on fault codes.
  • machine very noisy – this could indicate there is something stuck in the drum, check for bits which have worked through the holes in the drum.
  • washing machine moves across the laundry during operation – check the machine is balanced with all feet level on the floor.
  • washing machine omitting a nasty smell – repeated cold washes can lead to a detergent build-up and bacteria growth within your machine. Running an occasional hot wash or adding vinegar during the rinse cycle can refresh the machine and rid it of odours.
  • machine leaking – leaks often originate from the water or drain hose and connections. If the leak is coming from around the front loader machine door there may be grit or dirt on the seal, wipe to remove any foreign objects.

If any of these issues continue to occur we recommend calling an experienced washing machine repair technician as continuing to use a faulty machine can cause further problems and occasionally damage to the machine.

Looking for fast reliable washing machine repairs?

Fallon Solutions washing machine repair team can be at your house today. We keep commonly needed parts on hand so you can tame the washing pile and get on with your day sooner. Call us on 1300 762 260 or complete our service request form, it’s as easy as that.

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