Comprehensive air conditioner cleaning

Fallon Solutions use an environmentally friendly coil cleaner for air conditioning systems. The Intensive foam clears any substance that causes blockages in the air conditioner, safely and efficiently.

Intensive Foam: Air Conditioner Cleaner

  • Eliminates bacteria, germs and mould spores
  • Thoroughly cleans the air conditioner’s coils giving a healthier environment
  • Safe for air conditioner’s coils as well as on hands
  • Saves energy – and money
  • Eradicates odours
  • Environmentally friendly

Intensive Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner use results in air conditioner’s coils which are thoroughly clean and free from accumulated mould spores, bacteria and bad odours.

Intensive Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner prevents coil blockages from dirt, dust, pollen and other particles which cause increased power consumption. Using an Intensive Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner will efficiently clean the air conditioner, provide your home or business with fresh air and save on energy costs.

Intensive Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner can save your home or business on energy and maintenance costs. It gets rid of bad odours, removes oil stains, cigarette smoke stains, mould spores, bacteria, dirt and grime from your air conditioner. This results in increased air circulation and helps cool or heat your space more efficiently It also provides a healthier environment for all those living or working in the area.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Brisbane

We have carefully selected this product so that it does not affect any components such as copper, aluminium, plastic and rubber in the air conditioner. It is convenient, efficient and easy to use.

Most importantly it’s environmentally safe and can be used in the home, office, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, commercial buildings – virtually anywhere that has an air conditioning unit installed.

Here are some examples of dirty air conditioners we have encountered. Don’t let your air con get this bad.