Dangerous lighting products subject to recall

The Atom LED dimmer and Fuzion LED floodlight has been recalled due to design and manufacturing faults. The two lighting product recalls have been issued for the following models:

Fuzion Lighting 50w LED Floodlight
The floodlight is subject to recall due to the possibility of exposed conductors protruding from the moulded plug. This fault presents a potential electrical shock risk.

  • Recalled model – SLED50, grey (number on fitting),
  • Model number on the plug – JL5 and ESO120331

This product was available for sale throughout Queensland from electrical wholesalers from December 2014 to 5 June 2015.

For more information on this electrical product recall and visit –

Atom Lighting Pty Ltd 200VA Trailing Edge LED Dimmer
This Atom LED dimmer was manufactured with a metal shaft instead of a plastic shaft posing a risk of electrical shock if the external plastic knob is removed, damaged or incorrectly installed.

This product was sold by Atom Lighting from July 2014 to 30 November 2014, throughout Australia.

  • Recalled model number – AT9300/A

If you suspect your home is fitted with this LED dimmer contact Atom Lighting for replacement or refund. Details on this recall are at .

To ensure the appliances in your home are safe to use contact our electrical team for a Test and Tag service or an Electrical Safety Inspection.