Do light dimmers save on electricity?

These days with the rising cost of electricity many people are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills. One great way to save on electricity is to install dimmers. Not only is it great for mood lighting but can also save on your power bill!

Old Dimmers v New Dimmers

Traditionally old rheostat switches worked by controlling the current, In effect this current put more energy to the resistor through more resistive material so as a result the current converted to excess energy- heat which didn’t offer any savings.

However, these days dimmers use a Triac switch which means that these lights cut the light circuit on and off to reduce the amount of energy flowing through the circuit. Less electricity flowing through the circuit means you can start saving money.

Longer Lamp Life?

Having dimmers installed also means that your globes will last longer with less wear and tear of the lamp increasing the lamp life.

Fallon Services have a team of qualified master electricians that can provide advice for all of your lighting requirements. When it comes to saving money our electricians can offer practical solutions that will mean more dollars in your pocket.

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