Dodgy products get the Shonky Award

Products don’t get much shonkier than a top-loading washing machine that catches fire and ‘flushable’ toilet wipes which don’t break down. These two dodgy products took out spots in the recently announced 2015 Shonky Awards carried out by the consumer watchdog Choice.

This year’s Choice Shonky Awards have highlighted just a few of the disreputable products sold to consumers throughout the country. The other top spots went to:

  • 1st – NAB ‘Low Rate; credit card
  • 2nd – Arnott’s Tiny Teddies
  • 3rd – Payday lenders
  • 4th – Nanosmart laundry balls
  • 5th – Samsung top loader washing machines
  • 6th – Ikea non-leather ‘leather’ couches
  • 7th – Coco-Cola Company’s diet tips
  • 8th – Kleenex ‘flushable’ wipes

#5 Recalled Samsung washing machines

Samsung received the number 5 spot for its lacklustre approach to the top-loading washing machine recall. The recall was originally issued in May 2013 and then reissued in September this year due to the low number of appliances being brought in to be repaired or replaced. In August 2015, it was thought that over 70,000 faulty machines were still being used in Australian homes.

Choice blamed the shortfall of clear information regarding the dangers of this product from Samsung in the media for the surprisingly scant numbers of repaired machines. Of the few washing machines which were identified for repair Samsung then proceeded to carry out band-aid repairs that involved a piece of plastic and tape.

We think this Shonky Award was well deserved. Find out more about the Samsung top loader washing machine recall.

#8 Kleenex ‘flushable’ wipes

This is the Emperor’s New Clothes story for the personal hygiene industry. Just like the Emperor in the tale, millions of consumers around the country have fallen for the sales pitch of unscrupulous tricksters out to make some money. Flushable wipes are no more flushable than the emperor’s new suit was wearable, neither of these things actually exist. The only really flushable wipe is toilet paper itself.

Spoiler alert, the flushable wipe fairy tale doesn’t end well. Drains, sewers and water treatment plants get blocked with these wipes which don’t break down like toilet paper. The bill for removing wipes from blocked drains runs into the millions each year.

Want to know more about the flushable wet wipe issue read – Most flushable wet wipes are not flushable. Still not convinced? Take a look at the video of the Choice test.

Join the movement (pun intended) to remove the ‘flushable’ labelling on these wipes at Flushbusters.

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