Does your home still have a faulty Solar PV isolator switch?

Many residences around Brisbane still have faulty solar PV DC isolators fitted to solar power systems putting their homes at risk of fire every day.

The recall of the various brands of defective solar PV isolator switches has been occurring over the last few years but authorities advise that many have not been replaced, presenting dangers to residents as well as anyone working on the solar PV systems.

Homeowners are advised to check the brand of the isolator switch fitted to their solar system as soon as possible. The switch is usually located next to the inverter or on the roof near the solar panels. If you discover that one of the following recalled DC isolator switches is installed in your system we advise you to shut the solar power system down immediately following the manufacturer shut down procedure and contact your installer or a licenced electrician to replace the switch safely.

Recalled Solar PV isolator brands

  • GEN3
  • SPM
  • PVPower
  • NHP
  • ISOMax


Recalled Avanco branded solar isolator switch
Faulty AVANCO isolator switches

Recalled AVANCO branded DC isolator model numbers:

  • AV/DC4P25A
  • AV/DC2P25A
  • AV/DC4P25AUB
  • AV/DC2P625AU
  • AV/DC2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P125AU
  • AV/DC4P25AU
  • AV/DC4P25AUS
  • AV/DC4P25AUT

GEN3 and SMP

Recalled GEN3 solar isolator swiches
GEN3 and SMP faulty isolator switch


Recalled PVPower isolator switch
PVPower faulty isolator


Recalled NHP solar isolator switch
NHP defective solar PV isolator switch

NHP isolator switch models involved in the recall:

  • NHP-KDA-432
  • KDM-432


Models recalled from this brand:

  • LS16, DCISO 1000V
  • LS25, DCISO 1000V
  • LS32, DCISO 1000V

Solar PV assistance

If you are unsure if your solar PV system is fitted with one of these switches or need help with the shutdown procedure of your solar power system give our experienced solar power team a call for assistance 1300 762 260. It is very important to schedule regular checks and maintenance on your solar PV system to ensure any damage, moisture ingress or faults are discovered promptly.

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