Don’t forget to prepare your drains for the rainy season

Fallon Services is able to clear most blocked drains and repair sewer pipes quickly and efficiently, using state of the art equipment. However, you can save yourself the inconvenience and cost of emergency plumbing during the holiday season, by taking some preventative steps.

Generally, we don’t have to worry about household drains, stormwater drains and sewer pipes. These drainage systems usually function effectively to protect your health and the local environment. Their main purpose is to take waste and water away and prevent the overflow of raw sewage and the backup of rainwater into homes and properties. Backed up drains, and sewage overflows can be the result of:

  • Cracked pipes – tree roots
  • Broken pipes
  • Boundary traps damaged or cracked
  • Direct connections to sewage (illegal)
  • Inspection holes poorly fitted
  • Low lying areas

Damaged or blocked drains, sewage pipes or stormwater drainage can quickly become hazardous in wet weather, in particular when high volumes of rainfall like that experienced in South East Queensland during the recent floods.

Below are some practical suggestions to help you prevent the rainy season from spoiling your holiday season:

Drain and sewer pipe surveying

Using state of the art equipment, Fallon Services will survey your drainage system to help identify any blockages, breakages or hazards that may cause problems when you experience high rainfall. We use a CCTV drain camera to do this. Using the drain camera we can not only see the leaking, broken or blocked drains, but also location and depth. This will save time and money on any repairs!

Dispose of waste properly

When substances, such as fats, oils and objects other than wastewater, are flushed down the drain they cause major problems. You can help prevent drains and sewers from becoming blocked or damaged by using drain sieves and locating a rubbish bin conveniently near the toilet, bathroom and kitchen sinks for the disposal of all debris. It’s also a good idea to keep the bathroom and toilet doors closed when possible as a deterrent to small children and their toys.

Use a licenced Plumber for all new drains

A licensed plumber is required to complete all sanitation, water supply and drainage work. The importance of this is that stormwater drainage and sewer pipes systems are separate and can cause serious pollution and health risk if mixed up. This could also result in prosecution if sewage is disposed of in stormwater drains or if rainwater incorrectly connected to sewer pipes leads to sewage overflow. Plumbers are also aware of local utility and council requirements for new connections and other plumbing work.

Cleaning of drains and gutters

You can help prevent blocked drains by regularly cleaning out your gutters and downpipes of leaves, twigs and debris. This will prevent debris from being washed into the drains when the summer rain starts to fall.

Plant vegetation away from drains and sewer pipes

It’s a good idea to keep vegetation away from drains and sewers wherever possible and plant new trees at least 3m away. Conversely, when installing new drains or sewer pipes try to keep them at least 3m from established trees. You can consult your local nursery for advice about suitable trees and bushes to plant.

Take care with backyard landscaping and construction

Be careful when completing any backyard work that you don’t damage any drains or sewer pipes by digging or the weight of heavy machinery. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the Dial before you Dig referral service to identify the location of any underground sewer pipes or drains that could be damaged. A ruptured sewerage pipe could cost you in fines and repairs, and result in serious health issues for your family.

Other rainwater drainage solutions

Fallon services are able to assist with stormwater and drainage solutions to complement your existing systems. These solutions may include the installation of rainwater tanks, retention tanks, overflow pits, stormwater lines, sewage line reflux valves and rainwater harvesting systems.

Fallon Services can help with all your drainage solutions and blocked drain prevention. Complete a PLUMBING SERVICES ENQUIRY form or talk to one of our friendly staff by simply calling us on 1300 762 260 ALL HOURS PLUMBING SERVICES BRISBANE

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