Easy breezy – How to run your air conditioner without worrying about your power bill

The Brisbane summer heat has got us reaching for our air conditioner remotes more often than not. So if you’ve been using your air conditioner every day for the past weeks, you’re definitely not the only one.

While there’s not much better than increasing the comfort in your home with the push of a button, there’s a good chance that running your air conditioner every single day will impact your next power bill.

Avoid bill shock by trying the following tips and tricks of how to use your air conditioner efficiently and worry-free.

1. Keep it clean and maintained

A regular professional air conditioning clean prevents the growth of mould and bacteria, helps improve the air flow and efficiency of the system, and most importantly – ensures that your loved ones are breathing unpolluted, heathy air.

2. Upgrade to a more energy efficient air conditioner

Most modern air conditioners have a higher energy efficiency rating and come with energy saving features, such as Daikin Alira’s intelligent eye that can detect if the room is unoccupied and will then automatically enable energy saving operations.

Here are the signs to look out for that indicate it might be time to look for a replacement.

3. Trust a professional air conditioning technician to provide the best solution for your home

  • Choosing the perfect air conditioner for a space in your home can be a difficult task, as there are many different brands and models with different capacities and features to choose from.
  • A professional air conditioning technician can help you make the right choice and take that stress off you.
  • The technician will give you recommendations based on the size of the space, the insulation in your home, the location and what the room is used for. They will then suggest a solution that is tailored to your personal preferences and needs.
  • This will ensure that your air conditioner is the correct size which can save you money and reduce energy usage.

4. The ideal temperature setting

If your air conditioner has a “dry” or “dehumidify” setting, make use of it; this way, your indoor space will feel less humid and more comfortable. Try to make it a habit to set your air conditioner one degree warmer than you usually would. Even this small change can make a big difference and cut costs by up to 10%.

While 24 degrees is proven to be one of the most energy efficient temperatures, in the end it still comes down to personal preferences.

5. Seal your windows and doors

To use your air conditioner efficiently, make sure to keep the sun out by closing all blinds and keep the cold air from escaping by keeping all doors shut and sealing any gaps between the doors and the floor.

6. Set your air conditioner to “fan mode”

  • Most air conditioners come with a range of different basic settings with one of them being “fan mode”.
  • This setting is handy if the humidity and temperature in the room are acceptable and you’re only looking to improve the air flow, as the fan of the air conditioner will be running, but the actual compressor is turned off.

If you’re looking to get your air conditioner cleaned by a professional or if you’re interested in upgrading your air conditioner to a more energy efficient model, give us a call on 1300 712 028.