Easy ways to secure your home

If you are like the vast majority of people you will find yourself away from home for long periods of time whether it be 8 – 10 hours a day for work or 1 week to 3 months for a long-awaited holiday. Either way whilst you are away from your home you want to know that your belongings are safe and sound.

Upgrade Door Locks

Most houses have the ability to deadbolt the doors. This is an additional lock normally situated above the handle that feeds a thicker metal rod into the door frame thus making it harder to kick in. There are many different types of deadbolts such as:

Deadbolt Types
Types of Deadbolts
  • Single Cylinder – Has a twist knob on the inside and a key cylinder on the outside of the door.
  • Double Cylinder – Both inside and outside of the door have a key cylinder in order to operate.
  • Keyless – This style has push buttons with an infinite pin combination to unlock and allow the knob to twist.
  • Digital – Similar to the Keyless except this requires batteries to power the touchpad.
  • Rim – Are mounted to the inside of the door this deadlock is always engaged as soon as you close the door.
  • Vertical – Are mounted to the top of the door it utilises vertical bars that drop down into place once locked.
  • Mortise – Are mounted in a recess on the edge of a door and are the oldest style deadbolt.
Alarm Systems

Install Alarm Systems

An alarm system offers invaluable peace of mind when you’re not home. Most alarm systems today will notify you of your alarm going on when it happens and dispatch security to your home to ensure that everything is ok. This can add peace of mind whilst on holidays overseas.

There are so many different types of alarm systems available on the market these days from wireless and app-powered to motion and heat sensors. Some alarm systems also come with some home automation capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing developments in technology. Speak to your installer about your systems automation capabilities.

Secutity Cameras

Install Security Cameras

Over the years security cameras have become more and more cost-effective meaning that you get more bang for your buck. There are so many different types of CCTV cameras on the market now it really only comes down to who you want to install them.

Most modern CCTV systems can be linked to an app on your smartphone to allow for live viewing, they also record footage so you can view it later or show it to authorities if needed. They have night and day visibility, and a wide-angle to maximise coverage of any area you want to be covered. CCTV is also good for checking the kids are playing safely by the pool or making sure your dog hasn’t escaped while you’re out.

Home Security

Appear That You Are Home

There are timers on the market that can be plugged into powerpoints and then into your appliances such as TVs or lights that you can set to allow for power during certain times. If this is done correctly then you can give the illusion that you are home as lights will turn on and off throughout the evening and the TV will turn on and off throughout the afternoon into the night. If you have a security system installed or are thinking of having one, it’s worth speaking to the installer about the possibility of having this set up as part of its home automation capabilities.

Fallon Solutions security systems are versatile and able to be tailored to your needs. Our home security specialists will be able to discuss options to make your home as secure as possible as well as keep you up to date with modern home automation technology.

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