Electrical safety around the home

Did you know that if the electrical wiring, appliances and switches are not well maintained they have the potential to be life-threatening? It is vital when it comes to electricity that you think responsibly and ensure that your family is kept safe. Hundreds of Brisbane people are hurt by unsafe electrical appliances or wiring each year.

Don’t risk the safety of your family – use this handy home electrical safety guide to ensure your home is electrically safe:

If you are working around the home – stay electrically safe:

  • Check for wiring before you drill
  • Check for overhead powerlines
  • Dial before you dig
  • If in doubt when it comes to DIY around the home call an electrician
  • Never repair electrical appliances yourself
  • Never do you own wiring

Advice for power points:

  • Don’t overload power points by piggybacking multiple adaptors
  • Never use a powerboard for a heater or a drier

Extensions cords:

  • Ensure the cord is fully unwound
  • Keep clear of power tools like saws
  • Keep protected from weather
  • Do not use if broken or have exposed wiring
  • Do not run extension cords through walls, over beams, around corners or through doorways.

Swimming Pools

  • Keep electrical equipment around the pool to a minimum
  • Have outdoor lighting opposed to underwater lighting
  • Never locate a pool under overhead powerlines

Other safe electrical practices around the home

  • Turn off the mains before replacing fuses
  • Plant powerline friendly trees near powerlines
  • Never trim trees yourself near powerlines

Install a safety switch they are designed to provide increased protection again electrocution. Since 1992 all new homes must have one installed. Call Fallon Services who can assist with all your electrical safety around the home.