Energy Safety at Home

Information for flood affected households about electricity, gas, solar and appliances

Licensed electrical contractor must check flooded homes before power can be re-connected.

If your home has been flooded, you will need to get a licensed electrical contractor to inspect your switchboard, wiring, equipment and fixed appliances to ensure they are safe before electricitycan be reconnected. On completion, ask for a certificate of test. Fallon Service has a team of electricians that are qualified to carry out inspections .

Get gas appliances and cylinders checked

If your home has been flooded, do not use LPG or natural gas appliances until they have been checked by a licensed gas fitter, to protect yourself against possible safety risks. Fallon Service is qualified to carry out inspections .

Solar safety

Even if the electricity supply from the network has been cut off to your property, your solar power panels (photovoltaic panels) will continue producing electricity during the day. Take every precaution and treat the solar power system as you would any other wiring in your home.

Water-affected electrical equipment, i.e. the inverter, solar panels, electrical switches and wiring will need to be checked by a licensed electrical contractor.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

This scheme provides one-off emergency assistance to customers experiencing a crisis or unforseen emergency that limits their ability to pay their home energy bill.

Replace like-for-like hot water systems

If your hot water system has been damaged by floods and requires replacing, you do not need to
replace it with a greenhouse-friendly hot water system, even if you are located in a natural gas reticulated area.

Consider rewiring appliances to Economy Tariffs (Off-peak Tariffs)

If your home’s electrical circuits have been damaged by floodwater, your home may require significant rewiring of switchboards and electrical circuits. You could save on your energy bills by re-connecting appliances that don’t need to run continuously – like hot water systems and pool pumps – to Economy Tariffs

Think about energy star rating when buying new whitegoods

If you need to replace whitegoods and appliances such as televisions, washing machines or air conditioners, think about energy star rating and water rating labels before you buy.