Are you experiencing issues with your NBN connection?

Setting up a NBN connection is not only confusing, it can also be incredibly time-consuming. And if something is still not working as it’s supposed to after it’s all set-up, it can cause a lot of frustration.

Family on lounge with devices

If you and your family experience the following issues, there might be something wrong with your NBN connection.

  • Your internet connection slows down when multiple devices try to access the network
  • Media (especially videos) are taking a long time to load
  • Console or computer internet games keep lagging
  • Your video calls freeze and drop often
  • Or your devices don’t connect to the WiFi at all

Some of the possible causes of no or a slow internet connection can be issues with the cabling, the location of the router, demand on the system, an insufficient plan and more.

Save yourself the time and frustration of a slow NBN connection

It doesn’t come as a surprise that no one really enjoys to deal with NBN issues, as locating the problem can be a challenge. Difficulties can occur at different points of the set up including the router, the gateway or even on the side of the NBN provider.

Our data and NBN experts don’t shy away from a good challenge and are happy to help with any NBN cabling issues you may have in your home.

So if your home needs new NBN cabling, new connections or upgrades, call us on 1300 712 028 and we will arrange for one of our NBN cable installation experts to attend your home and provide the perfect solution for you.