Fallon electricians use safe, quality electrical cables

We would like to assure our customers that our team of master electricians have never used or installed the Infinity, or Olsent-branded Infinity, electrical cables currently being recalled by the ACCC. Our electrical team use high-quality products which, as a minimum, meet Australian standards.

Infinity Electrical Cable Recall

The Infinity electrical cable product recall is due to safety concerns with the cable prematurely deteriorating and becoming a fire or electric shock risk. Testing of the ‘TPS’ and ‘orange round’ Infinity electrical cables uncovered that the poor quality plastic coating became brittle much earlier than it should, especially if subject to continued high temperatures.
The ACCC states that the cable does not pose an immediate risk but replacements need to be carried out in the short term to avoid accidents in the years to come. The high risk of contact with these cables in roof spaces and under raised floors as the cables degrade needs to be taken very seriously.
All electrical work needs to be carried out by a licenced electrician. The recalled electrical cables were used by some electricians for wiring carried out in Queensland during 2012-2013. If you suspect you have these recalled electrical cables in your home contact the electrician who installed the cables or your builder. If you are unsure contact Fallon Solutions Brisbane electrical team to arrange for an inspection or electrical cable replacement.

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Below are images of two of the recalled Infinity electrical cables.

Infinity 3 core flat cable


Infinity 3 core round cable