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Fallon Services Air Conditioning Services (based in Brisbane) is appropriately licenced through ARC for your peace of mind. All of our installers are licenced to legally install a fluorocarbon gas air conditioner. As part of our refrigerant trading authorisation, we are required to keep quarterly records of our equipment including inspection and maintenance records. We must keep records of refrigerant purchased, sold and reclaimed and complete leak testing of gas cylinders. Since we purchased A Approved Air, we also complete the same record-keeping for equipment used by our team working as A Approved Air, Air Conditioning Specialists.

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The right air conditioner for your needs

Fallon Services will ensure that your air conditioner will best suit the layout of your house. We will design a solution for you that will be the right kw size for your home to ensure you save energy costs in the long term. Our preferred brands include quality brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi and we have been appointed dealers for those brands. Following all of the requirements outlined above assures you that your manufacturer’s warranties will be valid.

Fallon Services, always maintaining the highest standards for your peace of mind.

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