Smoke alarm testing

Fatal fire emphasises importance of smoke alarms

Taking the time to check and maintain your smoke alarms is not just a responsibility; it is a crucial act of self-protection. Regular cleaning, testing, and battery replacement are simple yet effective steps that every homeowner can take to ensure the reliability of their smoke alarms.

Beyond just personal safety, the significance of smoke alarms extends to the responsibilities of landlords in ensuring the well-being of their tenants. The recent tragic incident on Russell Island, where a fire claimed the lives of a man and his five children, serves as a critical reminder of the life-saving role that properly installed and maintained smoke alarms play. The devastating fire claimed the lives of Wayne Godinet and his five children, leaving his family and community in mourning. The heart-wrenching incident highlights the real and tragic consequences of inadequate fire safety measures. It serves as a wake-up call for landlords to prioritise the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms, recognising that these devices can be the difference between life and death (The Guardian, 21 Feb 2024).

Understanding Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) in 2017 introduced what has been publicised as “Australia’s strongest smoke alarm legislation.” This legislation is being implemented in three phases, focusing on residential builds, lease renewals, and a comprehensive compliance deadline by 2027. More information on Queensland’s current smoke alarm legislation can be found on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website:

Understanding Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric alarms detect visible particles of combustion by using a light source in a sensing chamber. Smoke particles entering the chamber reflect light onto a sensor, triggering the alarm.

Legislation Requirements

  • Smoke alarms must adhere to Australian Standard 3786-2014.
  • Alarms must be photoelectric and interconnected, ensuring that if one alarm sounds, all others will activate.

Queensland’s smoke alarm legislation is designed to enhance safety and minimise the risk of fire related tragedies. Homeowners and landlords are urged to take proactive measures to comply with these regulations, ensuring the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms that meet the highest safety standards. By prioritising safety, we can collectively contribute to preventing the devastating consequences witnessed on Russell Island and promote a culture of vigilance and responsibility.

If you’re concerned that your home or property may not be adhering to Queensland’s smoke alarm legislation, our licensed electricians can perform a thorough $99* compliance check of your current smoke alarm system and provide a recommendation on upgrades if required. We can also provide a smoke alarm compliance certificate for a fee of $25.

*Terms and conditions apply.