Flood Alert: Damage to Water Heaters

If your home was affected by the recent floods, your hot water system may have been exposed to floodwaters.

Some of the symptoms of a flooded hot water system do not become apparent straight away. While your hot water may seem to be running as normal, there may still be problems with the electrical, gas and/or insulation components. These problems can not only cause significant damage later but can also void your warranty if not addressed by a professional.

Unfortunately, in most cases, if a hot water system has been partially or completely submerged it will need to be replaced. Depending on the water heater type and extent of the damage, there are different reasons why it will need replacing. Generally, it is due to three main components;

  • Electrical: This includes the controls, pumps and motors that may have been severely damaged or functionality impaired following contact with water.
  • Gas: The heat exchangers could have been affected by any silt and could become blocked, rendering the hot water system unsafe to use.
  • Insulation: Once saturated the insulation becomes ineffective and the heater will not operate as it should. The insulation can also expand and as it dries will cause the hot water unit to burst.

In some cases, water heaters may be salvageable, however, warranties may become void after repair. Do not attempt to operate or repair your hot water heater without advice from a qualified plumber, gas fitter or electrician. Each heater must be assessed for safe and effective operation.

If you think your hot water heater suffered flood damage, call a plumber as soon as possible before operating.

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