4 cyclones predicted for this summer – Is your business storm ready?

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting four cyclones for the 2013 – 2014 Queensland summer. Ensure your business as well as your home is storm ready and plan to clean up safely.

Summer storms are an inevitable part of living in this amazing part of the world. South East Queensland has, in recent history, suffered the devastating effects of extreme weather conditions. From these experiences, we have learnt that being prepared can reduce the damage to our homes and our businesses.

Storm Safety in your business

The Queensland government’s ‘Get Ready Queensland’ campaign aims to aid Queenslanders in their preparation for the storms. The campaign also provides information on what to do after the weather has eased and how to clean up safely.

This not only applies to homes but also businesses. Workplace safety needs to be high on your business’s priorities leading into the summer. Preparing your workplace for the storms should include:

  • securing loose materials and objects,
  • bracing incomplete structures,
  • safely store dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Make sure that workplace safety laws are being followed in your business during the storm clean up period as well. Protecting yourself, your workers and other volunteers involved in the repairs and tidying up from injury, illness or death needs to be of utmost importance.

Safe storm clean up

To return your business to working order safely after a natural disaster:

  • Ensure electricity clearance has been given prior to attempting any cleanup.
  • Check for asbestos and dangerous chemicals – ensure these are removed correctly by the relevant professionals.
  • Determine all the work that needs to be done to be able to prioritise work and avoid introducing added dangers.
  • Prepare for the clean up with all the appropriate tools to carry out the repairs correctly and safely – now is not the time to be cutting corners.
  • Confirm that all people involved in the clean up have the necessary skills and competencies and provide supervision where needed.
  • Ensure personal protective gear is used correctly where needed and provide breaks and downtime were necessary to avoid fatigue.
  • Guard against illness and injury by maintaining basic facilities such as toilets, first aid, clean drinking water and hand hygiene equipment.
  • Implement procedures for helpers and staff to receive support where needed.

For more information on dealing with chemicals and asbestos and staying safe during your business’s storm clean up see –

Fallon Services Trade Professionals

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