Fun things to do with your family this long weekend

If you’re asking yourself what on earth you should do with your kids this weekend to keep them busy – don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

It’s time to press pause and take a break from the screens and the couch and to get started on some feel-good quality time family activities. And the long Easter weekend is absolutely perfect for it!

Did somebody say hot cross buns?

Hot Cross Buns

Easter without mouth-watering hot cross buns is like frozen yoghurt without any topping, so heat up the oven, grab your baking tools and give this hot cross bun recipe a try , your kids will love it!

Take online pilates classes for your body, mind and soul

After stuffing your face with delicious Easter treats, it’s good to get moving to get those endorphins flowing and to keep fit and healthy!

Sign up for an online pilates class and get the whole family involved. You’ll notice it’s not only fun and beneficial for your body, it also feeds the mind and soul and will make you feel relaxed.

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The indoor Easter egg hunt

Just because we’re practicing social distancing and staying at home, it doesn’t mean we need to skip the traditional Easter egg hunt this weekend. If you don’t have a big enough outdoor area, why not move the Easter egg hunt indoors? Just be sure to count all chocolate eggs before you hide them and keep them away from pets or areas where they might melt easily.

Plant a veggie garden bed

Planting a veggie garden is something that won’t only bring the family together, it can also be a great way to get your kids to eat more veggies by letting them select the veggies they want to grow and nurturing them together.

Unleash your inner child and get crafting

Easter egg baskets, potato stamps and little bunnies are the classics, but the only limit is your imagination. Check out these ideas to get inspired.

Create photo albums

We’ve likely all got thousands of photos on our phones but it’s doubtful if we ever look at them again while they’re just sitting on our phone. That’s why it’s a great idea to print your favourite photos and organise them in a photo album with descriptions, so memories will never be forgotten. Your kids can help pick the photos they want to add and then customise the album with creative drawings.

Bring back the boardgames and puzzles

In this digital day and age we tend to turn on the TV for some family entertainment. Even young kids are familiar with using tablets, iPhones and laptops these days, but to really reconnect with the family, it’s best to give the screens a miss and dig out the good old boardgames and puzzles. Some of our staff’s favourites are ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’, ‘Yahtzee’, ‘Jenga’ and ‘Connect Four’.

Record family videos

Whilst we may not be able to get together to celebrate Easter this year, why not record a video for your family members, friends or loved ones.It will be great having these memories on tape and you too can watch and enjoy them again in years to come.

So, get started, reconnect with our family and get creative. You’re already isolated enough, so don’t isolate from one another.