Getting what you paid for? Ensuring your plumber is doing the right thing

The practice of sourcing 3 quotes for products and services has shown time and time again that there can be a great variation in the cost of a job. Quite often if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The installation of a hot water system should be a standard job with little variation but this is not always the case. Corners can be cut which could affect the safety of anyone in your home and the efficiency of your hot water system.


The hot water system should be placed as close as practical to the most commonly used outlet points. Avoiding heat wastage due to excessive travelling of the hot water.


Hot water system installation necessitates a number of valves. Including –

  • Temperature/pressure relief valve
  • The expansion valve (where specified)
  • The temperature control device (as suited to the installation)
  • Isolating valve (in a position easily reachable)


Thermally insulating the pipes associated with storage hot water heaters ensures the system works efficiently. Pipes should be insulated –

  • At the inlet and outlet pipes
  • Relief valve fitted directly to the storage heater
  • Flow and return pipes
  • All hot water piping that is buried or within a conduit enclosed in a concrete slab


The water heater needs to maintain a temperature that inhibits the growth of legionella bacteria (above 60C). However, the temperature of the water delivered to the tap needs to be limited to 50C or 45C for the aged or homes with children.

Ensure your hot water system is installed correctly and safely by employing tradespeople from a reputable company. Ask questions, knowledgeable tradespeople will be only too happy to give you all the information you need.

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