Got a pool? Fancy a $200 reward for switching to tariff 33?

With temperatures in Brisbane rising into steamy summer levels very shortly, now’s the perfect time to get the backyard pool ready for the heat. Balance the chemicals, clear out the Kreepy Krawly, boost the pool pump up and get rid of that funny green tinge that’s been developing for the last few weeks. Jumping into the pool in summer is a wonderful thing, unfortunately with heat comes a potentially hefty power bill to keep the pool in top condition for your family. Running the pool need not be such a huge expense however, switch to economy tariff 33 and you could save a cool chunk off your next power bill, plus you could earn a $200 reward.

Until the end of the year, Energex is offering a $200 reward for converting your home swimming pool to economy tariff 33 as part of the Positive Payback for Households program.

Benefits of switching your pool to economy tariff 33

  • Ongoing savings from a lower electricity tariff of around $200 per year (based on a mid-sized pump and filter)
  • Tariff 33 is around 30% less than regular tariff 11
  • Your home will be helping to control peak demand pressures on the electricity grid
  • Tariff 33 is available approximately 18 hours a day, so there is still plenty of time to keep the pool clean

Points to remember

  • Variable speed pool pumps can be connected to tariff 33, increasing your energy saving potential even more
  • Pool pumps, chlorinators, filters and chlorine dispensing units can be connected, unfortunately, pool lights and fountains cannot.
  • This offer is available until 31 December 2015
  • Tariff 31 is cheaper again but only available for around 8 hours a day so may not be enough to maintain a pool.
  • One pool reward only per household

How to connect your pool and collect the reward

  • Give our master electricians a call on 1300 762 260 or complete our service request form to arrange your tariff 33 pool switch over.
  • Once the connection is done our electrical team will submit an ‘Electrical Work Request’ to Energex.
  • You will need to let your electricity provider know you have switched over to the economy tariff for the pool. They will then forward a ‘Business to Business’ request to Energex.
  • Time to claim! Jump onto the Energex website here – – and apply for your $200 reward. This link also has more info on the offer.

Home Energy Audit

If you would like more information on saving power around your home we can carry out a home energy audit which can identify many other areas where you could be saving on electricity at your place.

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