Got perfect TV reception for the footy finals?

Tick tock, tick-tock. Time is running out to get your television set up with perfect reception, sound and clarity for the upcoming myriad of sporting events and football finals, not to mention the beginning of the cricket season. Couches all over the country are experiencing maximum occupancy with extensive TV coverage of sporting gold. How’s your TV reception?

Saturday 3 October sees the 2015 AFL Grand Final game and Sunday 4 October is the big day for NRL fans with the 2015 NRL Grand Final between the Broncos and the Cowboys. Plus, if that wasn’t enough action, the Rugby World Cup is just getting started with finals at the end of the month.

The recent big winds experienced throughout Brisbane and southeast Queensland have wreaked havoc with TV antennas all over the city resulting in reception issues and occasionally full dropouts. An inadequately secured or damaged antenna could mean you miss crucial moments of the sporting action.

Now is the time to fix any reception problems to ensure you get clear consistent coverage of your favourite event. Enlist the professionals today – Digital TV antenna

How to ensure great TV reception

  • keep trees trimmed around the antenna.
  • ensure antennas are secured correctly
  • regular servicing by experienced technicians
  • routine reception checks and tuning reviews
  • upgrade old cables and worn out TV points when needed
  • get a professional set up of new TVs or entertainment systems

Bought a new home entertainment system for the big game?

Many spend thousands on top quality home theatre systems, wireless surround sound speakers, soundbars and massive TV screens to get that in-stadium experience in their homes only to be disappointed with the result because of a bad set-up. If you’ve recently upgraded your home entertainment system or invested in a brand spanking new home theatre and you’re not really sure how to get the most out of your investment, we can help. Find out more – Home Theatre Installation

Don’t risk missing all the action, get your antenna checked and tuned to perfection now.

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