Ultimate guide to keeping your indoor plants happy during winter

Winter is upon us and that means your indoor plants will need some extra love.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our blog has all the tips you need to keep your plants happy and healthy through the colder months. Follow our simple pointers and your plants will thrive all winter long. Plus, they’ll be ready to jump back into action when spring arrives.

Keep reading for more information on keeping your indoor plants happy through winter.

Indoor plants on shelf

Ease back on the plant food

Winter is the dormant stage for many plants which means their nutrient requirements are lower than during the warmer growing seasons. This is why you should ease back on the fertiliser during winter. Too much fertilisation can actually damage your plants.

If you’re not sure how much fertiliser to use, err on the side of using less rather than more. It’s better to under-fertilise your plants than to overdo it over winter.

Pot plants by kitchen sink

Do a routine bug check

Plant pests are more likely to be found on indoor plants over winter than during the warmer months. This is because they’re looking for a warm place to shelter from the cold.

To prevent pests from taking up residence in your home, do a routine check of your plants before bringing them inside for winter and during the colder months. Check for any bugs or eggs and remove them immediately.

Loungeroom with pot plants

Be mindful of temperature changes

One of the biggest shocks for indoor plants is the change in temperature when they’re brought inside for winter. They go from being in a warm, humid environment to a dry, cool one.

To help your plants adjust, make sure you place them in an area that doesn’t experience drastic temperature changes. A room that gets direct sunlight is ideal as it will provide some extra warmth.

You should also consider investing in a humidifier to help increase the humidity around your plants. This will prevent them from drying out and wilting.

Indoor plants in Brisbane and South East Queensland homes don’t have to deal with the extremes of the more southern climates however it’s still essential to regularly mist your plants if you use the heater often.

Pot plants on wall shelf with pictures

Don’t kill them with kindness

Over watering can be a big problem for indoor plants. We tend to maintain our watering schedule all year round, often out of habit, however, the cooler temperatures mean your plants can require less water.

Dropping the watering for most plants to once a fortnight or every week and a half will provide ample moisture and reduce the risk of killing them from overwatering.

Bedroom with indoor plants

Don’t kill them with neglect

Yep, we get it, it’s a delicate balance between over and under watering, too much either way and you’ll end up with dead sticks in a pot of dirt (we’ve all been there). The best way to tell if your plant needs water is to stick your finger in the soil. If it feels dry a couple of centimetres down, give them a good drink.

On the other hand, if the leaves are wilting or drooping then that’s a sign that they’re thirsty and need a drink ASAP.

Indoor plants in sunlight

Maintain a good source of sunshine

Plants need sunlight to grow, that much is common knowledge. However, in winter the sun sits lower in the sky and doesn’t provide as much direct sunlight as it does in summer. This means your plants might not be getting enough light.

To combat this, move your plants closer to a sunny window or invest in a grow light. These are easy to set up and will give your plants the extra boost of light they need to stay healthy.

Plant Life Support - Indie Rose Design
Plant Life Support – image Indie Rose Design

A great solution to your plant sitter issue when you’re away on holidays

Going away for a break over winter? You can now buy a tiny IV drip to keep your plant babies happy and well-watered while you’re away.

The mini Plant Life Support (Indie Rose Design) allows you to tailor the drip rate so the plant gets the perfect amount of moisture every day.

Winter is a difficult time for plants. They don’t get the natural light and warmth they need to thrive. But with a little bit of extra care, you can keep your indoor plants healthy all winter long. Follow our tips in this blog post, and your plants will be happy and thriving when spring comes around. Happy gardening.