Are you making use of these handy air conditioning settings?

Knowing how to use these great air conditioner settings can help you enjoy a more comfortable home environment and lower energy costs. The different settings available depend on the type of air conditioning system you are using, but most systems should have at least a few of these handy features that allow you to maximise the benefits your aircon has to offer.

Sleep mode icon

Sleep mode

The air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature of the room for optimal sleep conditions.  It’s recommended to use this mode during the night to conserve energy.

Low noise mode icon

Whisper, low noise, or quiet mode

This mode is designed to reduce noise levels, so you can get a good night’s sleep or work in peace. It’s ideal for those who want a quiet environment, so it should be used throughout the day, especially during the night.

Comfort mode icon

Comfort mode

Airflow is adjusted for the most comfortable cooling or heating by directing the vents upwards for cooling and down for heating. The fan speed is also adjusted to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Dry mode icon

Dry mode

Used to reduce the feeling of humidity in the room the dry setting is ideal for humid days that are not steaming hot. Rather than aim to cool the space, dry mode removes some of the moisture in the air. As the humid air cools on the evaporator coils the water condenses resulting in dryer air returning to the room.

Powerful mode icon

Powerful mode

This setting is ideal for quickly cooling or heating a space as it provides a short boost at high power to bring the room to a comfortable temperature rapidly. Powerful mode is perfect for after work to make your home warm or cool in a short amount of time.

Economy mode icon

Eco mode or economy mode

Eco or economy mode limits the maximum operation of the air conditioner to increase energy efficiency and reduce power use.

Timer mode icon


This mode allows you to set a timer at which the air conditioner will switch on or off automatically.  The timer can be set to turn on just before you get home from work or off after you leave for the day. Ensuring you come home to a comfortable home and don’t waste power if you forget to turn it off when you’re out.

Wifi connection icon

Wifi connectivity – Smart Air Conditioning

Smart air conditioning allows you to control your temperature from anywhere. You can program or change the settings on your air conditioner with the touch of a button via an app – ensuring a comfortable home no matter where you are.

Bedroom with cup of tea

Use your air conditioning features to simplify your day

Streamline your day by using just a few of these great features to operate your aircon efficiently.


Set a timer to turn the aircon on before you get up in the morning or turn on Powerful Mode from the comfort of your bed via your phone using the smart aircon app to give your home a warm/cool boost.

During the day

Minimise your electricity costs and reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions throughout the day by setting the air conditioning to Eco Mode.


The aircon timer function will make sure you can prepare dinner and enjoy your meal in comfort by turning the system on in time to cool or warm living areas before the family gets home for the evening.


Sleep mode to ensure you don’t get too hot or cold through the night providing the optimum sleeping conditions in every bedroom.

Start taking advantage of your air conditioning today and revolutionise the way you cool or heat your home. Enjoy a more energy-efficient, comfortable and cost-effective living experience.

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