Have you thought about upgrading your power points?

Mastering everyday life without the use of electricity is unimaginable these days. Over the years more and more electrical appliances have become an integral part of our daily routines to speed up tasks, improve the comfort in our homes, and provide entertainment.

The risk of using electrical power boards and extension cords

As multiple appliances are often used simultaneously, they have to be plugged in at the same time. But many homes don’t have enough power points to supply all electrical appliances with power at once, so homeowners tend to use power boards as a quick and easy solution to turn one power point into multiple electrical outlets.

The problem with these power boards is that if they are maintained poorly or used incorrectly, they can overload and not only damage the devices that are plugged in, but also create a fire hazard and pose the risk of electric shocks.

Similar to power boards, extension cords are also only meant to be a temporary solution to deliver power to where you need it. Over time, the cord can deteriorate which makes it unsafe.

The smart and safe long-term solution is to have your power points upgraded.

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4 outstanding benefits of a power point upgrade

1. Play it safe

  • If your power points are old, damaged or faulty, they are not safe to use and should be replaced immediately in order to prevent potential electric shocks or fires.
  • We can reduce that risk and make your home’s electricity more effective by installing new safe power points and adding a whole home surge protection to your switchboard, so you, your family and your appliances are protected.

2. Optimised power outlets

  • If you easily run out of power points to charge your phones, tablets, cameras or eBooks and more, then power points with integrated USB outlets might be the perfect solution for you. USB ports allow you to charge your portable devices without having to use the original supplied charger or an adapter.
USB Power Point

3. Save time when charging your devices

  • Quad power points are an absolute game changer when it comes to saving time, as you can charge multiple devices at once using the four power outlets, without having to worry about overloading.

4. The design choices are endless!

  • We install Clipsal power points that are not only practical and come with a range of features, they also have a modern, sleek design and are customisable, so they look great in any kind of environment. The skin of the power point can easily be clipped off and on and due to the big variety of shapes, colours and styles, you can be sure you will find a design that’s perfect for your space.
  • We can also install matching Clipsal light switches with exchangeable skins that add those finishing touches to your home’s interior.

Fallon Solutions has provided electrical services to homeowners in South East Queensland for over 58 years, so if you’re considering having your power points upgraded, you can rely on us and be sure that the job will be done professionally.

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