Heat your outdoor areas for comfortable outdoor entertaining this winter

Radiant gas heaters are an efficient way of heating your outdoor areas. The heat generated is directly radiated onto outdoor objects/people and not wasted into empty spaces. This means that you are not having to section off an outdoor area to prevent the warm air from escaping.

Since many restaurants offer alfresco dining precincts and many homes have large outdoor entertainment areas a radiant heater is seen as a practical alternative to the traditional patio heater. They offer exceptional performance and are an efficient way of heating your outdoor space, especially if you have a natural gas supply.

Fallon Services Gas Plumbers can install radiant Gas Heaters in your outdoor areas to keep you warm this winter. Depending on the model that you have purchased we can carry out wall mounted installation or ceiling suspended installations. Our Gas Plumbers are trained and qualified to carry out a range of gas installations and repairs including gas bayonet installations.

Our services extend to private residences, cafes, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Call Fallon Services to get your Radiant Gas Heaters installed today.